Sithesh in making his directorial debut  Kannada Movie "Idu Entha Lokavayya" 
He believes "Cinema has its own language"

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Sithesh a multidisciplinary expert for advertising, ad films and feature film making.

An advertising professional who nurtures a passion for strong visualization and great idealization skills and has the ability to execute these ideas, for creating both design and Film content for communication solutions across India and Abroad. He has been instrumental in creating some very fascinating Ad Campaigns, Storyboards, Typo-Art, Scripts, TV Commercials, Docu-films, Corporate films and Feature Films.

Having a Degree in Art (Academy of Visual Art) and Visual Communication, digital video film production with special effects, he also has a degree in Behavioral Science-Psychology.

Beginning his career, he had a hand on short stints as a freelance designer and idealization specialist with various advertising agencies. He has lent his talent to reputed creative agencies with his enthusiasm and creativity being part of many client briefings, which makes integral part of some very well-known brands. 

An avid enthusiast of art, he handles the responsibility of being the director of art. He represents a passion for visual communication, photography and videography. His inputs and ideas have crafted some stunning works for the clients.

Like all creative people music feeds his sense of creativity. With undying interest in traveling, film studies, research and studies of advertising, he is an avid reader and follower of the trends in the film and advertising industry, as he believes that it helps him understand the mind-sets of the viewer better.

He characterizes an indomitable love for life. An avid media buff, he is an inspiring professional who is admired for quality, creativity and experience. His favorite quote is "Cinema has its own language!"

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Sithesh C Govind is an Indian film director, who primarily directed films for reputed Private, Govt. Sectors and Corporate Clients. He got the opportunity to Direct a Children's film for Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) in the year 2012, which was directed earlier by acclaimed Award winning director Nagabharana, which got Sithesh Govind prestigious recognition and also got National level appreciation for the film 'Ksheeranjali". He has also ventured Directing many Ad-films for Nationalized Banks so on and so forth .

His Directorial venture that is he attempted for first ever Docu-film (duration 1:10 min, language- Konkani) and which was released in theaters in the history for documentary in Karnataka during 2016. 

He is also one of the creative brains and Associate Director of recent slapstick Kannada Film 'Ondu Motteya Kathe' This film was remade in Malayalam as Thamaasha and in Hindi.

Currently he has completed his debut Written and Directed Kannada Movie
"Idu Entha 
Lokavayya" a Fam-Com Satire which will hit screens shortly. 

Judging Roles

Pleasure sharing space of judging and being guest of
honour for Ad-FilmMaking and Street Photography by inventio 

Normally I don't like judging on someones creative works...analyzing and guiding is better.. 🌞 "Thinking is difficult, that's why most people judge" _ Carl Jung... but I always consider their attitude towards work and the effort they took..."Today is Tomorrows Creativity" :)

It was a pleasure sharing my work experience with upcoming talents. Amazing programme put up for AdFilmMaking and Street Photography by inventio. congrats for the winners and all the best to the participants and the management inventio. It was indeed a wonderful pleasure sharing space of judging and being guest of honour.

In Location

Achievements and Awards

  • 2018 - Sharing space of judging and being guest of honour Ad Film Making & Street Photography by inventio.
  • 2014 - Workshop on ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES – MEDIA MANTHAN-14. conducted by Department of Mass Communication, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore.
  • 2015 - Typography & Toponymi Designs Received tremendous appreciation, an initiative by RADIO MIRCHI Received an award from Member of Parliament- Mr. Nalin Kumar Kateel.
  • 2013 to 2015 - Conducted GRAPHIC DESIGN WORKSHOPS.
  • 2013 to 2015 - As a Judge for Animation Expo & Drawing competition “Creative Colour Splash”
Infotainment film  Pooja Day - News Links

Film Making
  • 2016 - Researched, Conceived & Directed Fictional Docu-film “Devalo Udgaasu” Film Released on
  • 11th February 2016  at Multiplexes, BIGCinema.
  • 2015 - Associate Director & Media Designer for Kannada Feature Film “Ondu Motteya Kathe”
  • 2015 - Conceptualized & Directed AD Films for THE KARNATAKA CASHEW MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION (KCMA).
  • 2015- Jury Member for APTECH MULTIMEDIA Short film Awards held this year.
  • 2014 - Creative Guidance for Inde film 'Summane Namgeyakke’
  • 2013- Conceived & Directed an 90 min. Infotainer named 'Ksheeranjali' for Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) and appreciated by many and won many awards in Children s film Category.
  • 2013 & 2014 - Conceptualized & Directed NATIONAL AD FILMS  in 4 languages for KARNATAKA BANK release on national Channels like Aajtak, CNBC, IBN etc
  • 2014 - C E D O K - A Programme for Doordarshan, UGC for MSME Govt.of INDIA Ministry of Industry &Commerce, New Delhi through NIMSME, Hyderabad. ( Talk of the show was awareness and self employment opportunity throughout Karnataka, in the field of Design, Animation, Visual Effects, Ad film Making, & Editing Techniques.)

Location - Discussing next scene with
South Indian Actress Neha Saxsena for an Ad shoot
Shooting Location with  Actress Kavya Shetty

Corporate AdFilm shoot Location

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